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Delphin T8: The Incredible Revolution in Hoovering

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Ensuring the purity of the air in your surroundings, it utilizes the cleansing properties of water to purify not just surfaces but also the atmosphere within the room.

DELPHIN addresses these issues with a 100% solution, combining exceptional efficiency while ensuring completely clean air emissions. It achieves this through a technology rooted in the natural principle of water, harnessing the power of a unique turbine known as the L-Lamella, an exclusive patent of the German parent company, "PROAIR GmbH."

The DELPHIN draws in contaminants from the air, and its separator efficiently removes dirt and bacteria, directing them into the water for thorough cleaning and separation. This results in the emission of entirely clean air into the environment, akin to the refreshing effect of rain.

This approach offers user-friendliness, practicality, eliminates the need for filter replacement or maintenance, and ensures maximum hygiene by disposing of dirty water after use. Furthermore, the Delphin's advanced technology enables significant energy savings, as its turbine engine achieves powerful and effective suction with less power compared to a traditional vacuum cleaner. Read more about Delphin T8

  • Adjustable Max Power: 1350W
  • Weight : 7 Kg
  • Dimentions: L/W/H 37.5 x 30.5 x 40 cm
  • Power cable: 6 m
  • 10 years warranty
  • 25 % Less Weight
  • 50 % Energy Saving
  • 70 % Less working steps
  • No filters required
  • Power cord lenght
  • Not Customizable

The new Delphin T8 transforms spaces into pleasant environments, creating a clean and refreshing atmosphere that enhances well-being. Unlike any other cleaning device, with the new Delphin, you can save up to 60% of your time as it simplifies the hoovering process into just a few quick and easy steps. The wellness of clean air it provides isn’t limited to surfaces alone; it also extends to purifying the air within the room, ensuring a complete and refreshing experience.

From Neatcleaners Team

Since we teamed up with ProAir GmbH and purchased the Delphin T8 water-based air purifier and vacuum cleaner some time ago, we are delighted to offer improved vacuuming services to our regular customers at no additional cost. We believe that this takes our vacuuming service to the next level, and we can also provide additional cleaning services such as mattress cleaning, carpet cleaning, and upholstery cleaning.

Read more on our blog: Delphin T8: The Incredible Hoover to Have Clean Carpets and Fresh Air in Your Home

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