Delphin T8: The Incredible Hoover to Have Clean Carpets and Fresh Air in Your Home

Are you familiar with this situation? You’ve just finished vacuuming and wiping your space, but shortly afterward, you notice tiny dust particles swirling in the sunlight. It’s possible that your cleaning device is the culprit. While some hoovers effectively collect larger debris from the floor, others may chop it into fine dust and release it back into the room. Read more after watching video.

You can conduct a simple test to check this: Smell the air where your vacuum cleaner expels it. If there’s no discernible odor, that’s a good sign. However, if you detect a scent, it means that fine dust, potentially including decomposition byproducts, has already entered your lungs. With a DELPHIN, there’s no such odor, which is a positive outcome. The only fragrance you might notice with the DELPHIN is the pleasant aroma of essential oils you’ve added to the water tank, enhancing your enjoyment of the freshly purified room air.

How Much Would You Pay for Fresh Air.?

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Since we teamed up with ProAir GmbH and purchased the Delphin T8 water-based air purifier and vacuum cleaner some time ago, we are delighted to offer improved vacuuming services to our regular customers at no additional cost. We believe that this takes our vacuuming service to the next level, and we can also provide additional cleaning services such as mattress cleaning, carpet cleaning, and upholstery cleaning. As a result of our partnership with ProAir GmbH, we have not only enhanced our cleaning equipment but also received specialized training to ensure that our staff can provide the highest quality service. This commitment to excellence is our way of showing appreciation for our loyal customers.

What’s Special About The Dolphin T8

This powerful multifunctional device uses only a few litres of clean water as a dirt filter and has a powerful, adjustable motor. This drives the patented L-Lamella water swirler, which sucks in the room air and washes it so effectively that even the finest dust particles have been proven to remain bound in the DELPHIN’s water tank. So every time the surface is cleaned, the air in the room is washed at the same time. If you like, you can add suitable essential oils to the fresh cleaning water and thus combine the room cleaning with a refreshing aromatherapy. This makes cleaning much more fun and the air smells pleasant. And the dirty water? The water tank is simply emptied and cleaned after each use. You can also use the DELPHIN only as an air purifier, for example. … and it can do much more.

52 Days Vacuum Cleaner Challenge

We have learned that the average weekly time spent vacuuming in a household is about 2 hours. Multiplied by 52 weeks, this totals 104 working hours per year. Over the last two months, we have been using the Delphin T8 for 4 hours a day, which is equivalent to two years of vacuuming in an average 2-bedroom house. See it in everyday action in our photo gallery.

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