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A Soap Free, Solid Shampoo Bar Review

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5/5Overall Score

I was surprised three times so far since I have the shampoo bar received. First time when it was delivered as I did not expect by the product images to receive square shaped shampoo bar. I do not mind whatsoever as I learnt that in order to get the leaf shaped one, I will have to order the large shampoo bar instead next time. Second time when may wife came out of the bathroom happy after trying it out. Third time when I was taking bath. I was absolutely amazed by the quantity of foam bubbles and its delicate scent. I have never tried any shampoo bar so far but it looks like I would like to give it try again, again and again...

“I’ve found it difficult to find a shampoo bar that works for me. I’ve used this one a couple of times now & really pleased with it. I don’t get that sticky feeling after washing, & I don’t need to use a conditioner every time.”


“The best shampoo I’ve tried so far, the wild fig smells amazing! Going to try the patchouli & cocoa one next.”


“This is the best shampoo I have ever tried! No need for conditioner, hair is clean, smooth and smells delicious. This makes the change from shampoo to shampoo bars the easiest thing.”


“The first shampoo bar that truly doesn’t need a transition phase. I was skeptical as I have long hair so getting shampoo vars to lather and cover all my hair has always been an issue but this bar foams up nicely. Plus I normally ended up with a sticky residue, again not an issue with this bar. Hair felt clean and was beautifully scented with wild fig. Much recommended!”

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