6 Things You Should Always Have Cleaned Before Dinner, (And 7 Things To Clean Right After)

The biggest messes in your kitchen are most likely caused by preparing, cooking, serving, and tidying up after dinner. And, because you eat supper in your kitchen hundreds of times a year, concentrating on effective ways to keep it clean is an investment that pays off by making dinnertime and the aftermath significantly less uncomfortable. It doesn’t matter how you split your household’s labour; if you want a cleaner kitchen, assign someone to each of these 13 tasks:

Before Dinner

Clear the counters.

Gather any dirty dishes that have accumulated on the counters and place them in the sink or close by. Get rid of any paper piles or other messes.

Dishwasher and dish rack should both be empty.

You don’t want anything to bottleneck if you want to retain a nice flow of clean-as-you-go while preparing dinner.

Wash the dishes

Swipe the counters with a disinfectant wipe before you start cooking to ensure sanitary food preparation. If you’ll be working with raw meat or unwashed food, keep another on hand.

Check the fridge

Check that you have everything you require and that nothing has gone bad or expired. (You’ll have time to get to the supermarket before you start cooking this way.)

As many preparation dishes as possible should be washed.

You’ll have a lot less work to do after supper if you wash the pots, pans, utensils, and tools you used to cook with before you sit down to eat. Everyone is welcome to stay a little longer at the table.

After Dinner

You’ll be rewarded with a permanently cleaner home if someone can get to these things straight after the dinner.

Prepare some fresh soaking water.

Filling one side of my double sink three-quarters full with hot soapy water may not work for everyone, but I find it beneficial. As we clear the table and fill the dishwasher, I put hand-wash items in there.

Wipe the table

Wipe the table down as soon as everything is cleared away. You won’t have to repeat the process afterwards.

Clean up the stove and any soiled prep areas.

The notion is that you’re collecting everything that’s dirty into a small space that’s getting smaller.

Wash the dishes

Wash your hand-wash things after you’ve put everything in the dishwasher, including, of course, any items you didn’t get to before supper.

Clean the counters

Begin by swiping a clean, moist rag across the surface. After that, spray a cleaner on the area and wipe it down with a clean cloth. If disinfection is required, follow the manufacturer’s directions for using a wipe or a spray.

Wipe appliances and fixtures

Examine the inside and outside of the refrigerator, the stove and oven, and any other small appliances you used. Check the handles on the refrigerator and the faucet as well. Wipe everything down while the spills and splatters are still fresh and easy to deal with.

Clean your sink

This is the cornerstone of a spick-and-span kitchen. In a moist sink, sprinkle Anti Bac Multi Purpose Cleaner, scrape, and rinse.

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