Vileda Mop and Bucket Set with Turbo Macrofibre Mop Head


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  • Vileda Mop and bucket set with foot pedal operated wringer for more efficient floor cleaning
  • The foot pedal allows you to control the amount of water in the microfiber mop depending on the type of floor you need to clean
  • Easy carry handle for perfect balance
  • Removes 99 9% of Bacteria with just water*
  • Telescopic handle extends from 55 – 130 cm
  • To wring the Vileda Turbo mop, place the wet mop into the wringer and hold the handle loosely between your fingers, making sure the handle is in a vertical position. Press the foot pedal 5-10 times to spin the wringer or until the mop has reached the desired moisture. Always ensure that you do not fill above the “Max” indicator on the inside of the bucket as this will prevent the mop from wringing correctly. Also let the spinning mechanism work itself rather than the user pushing down when spinning. Also, do not store the mop outside or in damp conditions , and do not leave the mop head facing upwards
Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 48.5 × 27.9 × 27.4 cm


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